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Exhibitors 2018

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Feedack from our 2018 exhibitors

“A fantastic summit. The turnout was amazing, content excellent and there was a real buzz about the event.”

“The exhibition space we had on the day was absolutely perfect, we were so busy and I have multiple promising leads as a result.  Cannot thank CENSIS enough, was a great day, can’t wait until next year.”

“I also found the event very worthwhile and I am sure we will draw on contacts made for potential business opportunities and collaboration.  In fact, we have a first meeting scheduled for this Thursday as a result of the CENSIS event.”

“We were inundated but that certainly was a good thing!  The event was great, and very well organised – I’m sure it was a lot of hard work but it all paid off.”

“Thank you all for this amazing event.  It was a very pleasant day and one of the best events that I have participated in.”

“Can’t believe how busy it was, great turnout.  I caught your interview on Radio Scotland on my way in that morning too.  It was good to get an overvie of CENSIS and the roadmap for the next 5 years or so, it’s an exciting area to be in.”